P R Adams

Starting Point

My writing journey began in 1979 with a concept that mixed fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes. I was too young then to know what to do with the idea, so I set it aside for a while. After numerous learning opportunities, including a failed comic book publishing venture, I retired that concept and began work on other ideas. A few years ago, I realized that the way to go was indie publishing. I had always hoped the day would come where I didn't have to try to find the "next big thing" unicorn that traditional publishers demanded. With indie publishing, success is measured differently. You have a chance to find your own audience, and it doesn't have to happen overnight. I've spent the last few years preparing for this indie publishing gig. I'm a speculative fiction fan, mostly science fiction and fantasy, so that's what I intend to start out with.


The On The Brink Universe

The Rimes Trilogy is a military SF series with techno thriller, horror, and intrigue elements, all very cyberpunk in their own way. It's the introduction to the On the Brink universe. The ERF (Elite Response Force) military SF series follows immediately after. At some point, the Lancers action-adventure SF series will follow, and if all goes well, the Go mystery/action-adventure series will follow that.

The On the Brink universe is a transhuman SF setting. I didn't know this at the time I was developing it as a comic book series in the mid-1990s. I didn't even come across the term until I was already done with the Rimes Trilogy. Since then, I've read Richard K. Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs series, and found a pretty solid defining sub-genre for the setting.


The Chain

In early 2017, I'll be launching The Chain, a twelve-book urban fantasy series, also taken from my previous comic book concepts. This series should appeal to readers who enjoy contemporary fantasy and horror. It follows the story of Elliot Saganash and Tamment McPhee, two young heirs to a destiny neither wants.